Welcome to Phote.co.uk where you can create and manage your own photography competitions.  We are currently in pre-launch, which means we have started doing some marketing and demonstrating our system to our investors and stakeholders.  Soon we will be inviting our first members to join.  If you want to be one of the first members (with a free account for the first year) please complete the sign-up form above.  Photography is great fun, and we know photographers love entering competitions and challenges.  So if you want to run your own photography contests then please read on, and don't forget to sign up above so we can invite you to become one of our first members.

Have More Fun With Your Photography

Very easy to your own photography competitions

Interested in photography? and want to enter and run your own photography competitions with your friends? Or perhaps you are a member of a photographic society. 

Our fantastic new website makes it easy for people and clubs to create and run their own Photography Competitions, so you can have even more fun with your photography.

Invite Your Friends To Join

Invite your friends to enter in your own Photography Competitions. It's very easy to add people. Either invite friends one by one, or import your friends directly from other websites such as Facebook and Gmail, or even from an excel spreadsheet. Each person will be sent an invitation email from you asking them to join.  When they join, they will be able to participate in your competitions, and you in theirs.

Invite your friends to join.

See The Latest Updates On Your Activity Wall

Latest Activity and Messages

Find out what is happening by viewing your latest Activity and Messages.  Everything that is happening is shown here, so as you can see it is very easy to accept connections, visit your friends competitions, see who has voted and much more.

We will also use the activities and messages page to allow you to share your photos and competitions on other social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Create Your Own Photography Competitions

Creating your own photography competitions is very easy. Just give it a title, a description, some rules. Then specify when voting will start, and end.  Finally set when the winner will be announced.

The Competition owner can decide who can vote, such as competition owner only, competition members only, site members, or anyone (provided they submit a valid email address). Other settings include how many photos each member can submit, and define what, if any, rewards will be won for the winner(s).

Create your own photography competitions

Rate Photos And Pick Your Favourites

Vote to pick the photos you like the most

Rate photos in the competitions that you enter. All members rate the photos. The photos with the highest scores win the contest when it closes.

Each entrant votes for each photo in the competition until voting closes. When voting closes, the photos with the highest scores win. People who fail to vote by the vote closing date will forfeit the competition and their entry will be eliminated. So it is in everyone's interest to vote.

Comments can also be added when voting, but comments will only be visible after the winner has been announced.

Grab a Free Account While You Can



To get a free account just enter your name and email address so we can send you a special code that will give you 24 months free access. As you can see, we have some great features for people who want to run their own photography competitions. Please note, we will keep your email address private, and only use it to keep you informed of our progress.